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Surviving the In-Laws

You: It’s quite important for us to co-sleep. We learned about child-led weaning and love the idea of it. We are not letting our baby cry it out. Baby will have solids later so there is less chance of allergies. It is very easy for me to use...

Also labeled: Family Life, Issue #33

Co-sleeping as Nighttime Bonding

Judging by my e-mail inbox and the conversations I share with parents and health professionals, infant sleep has become a veritable industry. An industry, it seems, that is driven by fear—particularly the fear that if we dare to respond to little...

Also labeled: Issue #31, The Outer Womb

Understanding Your Baby’s Cries

One of the inevitable realizations experienced by new parents is that there are times when your baby will cry, and be seemingly inconsolable. This often leaves you, the parent, feeling inadequate, frustrated or as though you’ve done something w...

Also labeled: Issue #26, The Outer Womb