Press Page for Pathways to Family Wellness

Press Page for Pathways to Family Wellness

The Pathways cover and intimate photos of Jamie Grumet’s family in their home were shot by Los Angeles photographer and former doula Lori Dorman. Dorman spent four hours photographing the Grumet family for this issue of Pathways, creating a host of loving images that underscore the family’s tight bond.

“Most mothers are shoved into the closets when it comes to nursing toddlers,” says Dorman. “It’s considered taboo in our culture, when in fact millions of women do it every day. The Time cover made it more difficult for those women to find acceptance. My goal was to correct the misperception that was created on the Time cover. Its message was that nursing a 3-year-old was outrageous and inappropriate, when in fact nursing a 3-year-old is a normal, healthy activity in the world today. There couldn’t be a healthier interaction between a mother and a child.” With the media flurry surrounding this issue, we are providing you with accurate news coverage relating to the cover:

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