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The Barefoot Remedy

Going barefoot has been known to help many disorders brought about by shoes, and not just disorders of the feet. Some of these include:

  • Varicose veins. These are caused by shoes and socks cutting off proper circulation. When you are barefoot, your leg muscles are better able to pump blood back to the heart.

  • Slipped disk and vertebral deformation. When you wear shoes, your foot is unaware of changes in the surface, thus confusing your skeletal structure. When you walk barefoot, your natural motion travels up your body, creating a balance in your structure. Back surgery is incredibly expensive, and corrective shoes are costly as well…but walking barefoot is free, and prevents chronic pain.

  • The common cold. Forget what your parents and well-meaning peers told you about catching a cold. Exposing your feet to chill helps stimulate your body to produce warmth and resistance, as your feet will acclimate to the surrounding temperature. Ever notice how on a cold day, when you’re wearing boots and socks, your feet remain cold even when you get indoors, and stay that way even in your socks? Try spending a minute (or even a few seconds) barefoot in the snow, and see how toasty your feet feel once indoors. It’s a glorious feeling!

  • Athlete’s foot. Think about it: Your foot produces tons of sweat while enclosed, ejecting all the impurities inside your body. These germs thrive on moist, damp skin and have nowhere to go while confined in those coffins. Contact with fresh air and natural soil helps hinder the development of these pests!

Mental Health

Going barefoot not only helps relieve physical ailments, but it also mitigates the other troubles that stem from them. If you notice, most exercises involving mental concentration are done barefoot, including yoga, tai chi and the martial arts. Being barefoot creates a better mental balance. People who are barefoot tend to be less stressed and authoritative, leading to a more relaxed, stress-free atmosphere. This results from positive energy, known as chi, or prana, which is absorbed through the soles of the feet.

When you are walking barefoot, your body is automatically absorbing this positive energy, allowing you to think more clearly and increasing your capacity to work. Perhaps if offices and schools banned footwear, there would be an increase in production and performance, freeing up more time to relax and concentrate.

Have you kicked off your shoes yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

About the Author:

As a lifestyle coach, artist and entrepreneur, Bill Ades helps individuals reach their goals, mentally and physically, as well as spiritually and financially. He has worked in several types of businesses, but found that his true passion and calling was in helping others achieve their dreams. He is available for group and individual consultations, in person and over the phone. You can visit him online at barefootlifestyle

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