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Author // Barbara Loe Fisher

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Defending Informed Consent to Vaccination in America
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As millions of Americans instinctively turn away from the pharmaceutical- dependent medical model and embrace a more vitalistic approach to health and wellness that acknowledges individuality and the oneness of body, mind, and spirit, many are rejecting one-size-fits-all forced vaccination policies. They are coming to the realization that one way to better health is to summon the courage to reject belief systems based on fear and work in harmony with the natural order.

The National Vaccine Information Center has defended the ethical principle of informed consent since 1982. We maintain that the right to make informed, voluntary decisions about any medical intervention that can harm you or your child is a human right. Go to to learn more about how you can prevent vaccine reactions and protect vaccine choices in America. Support the work of the National Vaccine Information Center and educate your community about the need to secure informed consent protections in vaccine laws in your state and every state.

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Americans are required to buy and use more vaccines than citizens in any other nation in the world.

In 1982, pediatricians were giving children 23 doses of 7 vaccines, including vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella.

By 2007, the numbers of doses of vaccines the federal government recommended for universal use by age 12 years had more than doubled to 56 doses of 16 vaccines:

  • diphtheria (6 doses),
  • pertussis (6 doses),
  • tetanus (6 doses),
  • polio (4 doses),
  • measles (2 doses),
  • mumps (2 doses),
  • rubella (2 doses),
  • HIB (4 doses),
  • hepatitis B (3 doses),
  • chicken pox (2 doses),
  • hepatitis A (2 doses),
  • pneumococcal (4 doses),
  • rotavirus (3 doses),
  • influenza (5 doses),
  • meningococcal (1 dose),
  • and HPV (3 for girls).

More than twice as many American children are suffering with chronic brain and immune system dysfunction today than there were in the 1970s and 80s, when half as many vaccines were given to them. Today, 1 child in 450 in America becomes diabetic; 1 in 150 develops autism; 1 in 9 suffers with asthma; 1 in 6 is learning disabled.

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